Nitro-Gro 5 Litre

Nitro-Gro 5 Litre

Nitro-Gro is BioAge’s signature product. Using reliable scientific measuring and mixing standards, we have created Africa’s most potent and effective organic fertilizer. This comes in our handy 5 Litre bottle which is proving to be the best seller for home gardeners and hobby farmers. Additionally, this comes with a FREE 1 Litre K+ Booster to provide a stimulant to flowering or fruiting plants that should not be exposed to nitrogen. 
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Nitro-Gro is a technologically-developed organic liquid fertilizer with a high NPK profile. What makes the product unique is its plant-stimulant status. This is not a general fertilizer, but rather a highly-advanced fertilizer stimulant that promotes photosynthesis, increases root uptake, increasing plant outputs while reducing inputs.

This unique fertilizer stimulant can be used in many capacities:

  • Commercial farmers benefit from Nitro-Gro application during the seeding and seedling stages, eliminating plant immaturity and encouraging rapid root and foliar growth.

  • Subsistence farmers have used Nitro-Gro in numerous capacities during the early AND late stages of plant development. In many instances, subsistence farmers rely on Nitro-Gro without any other additives besides a rich manure or compost.

  • Hobby farmers and veggie gardeners rely on Nitro-Gro in replacement of synthetic fertilizers, cutting costs and ensuring the healthy growth of alternative crops and a varying array of vegetables, fruits and grains.

  • The home gardener, wholesale nursery and other botanists/horticulturalists all benefit from the rapid transmission of nutrient uptake and foliar growth of flowering plants, trees, bushes, shrubberies and indoor plants thanks to the incredible hormone-boosting properties of Nitro-Gro.

Our Nitro-Gro product has the market’s highest volume of amino acids, polysaccharides and peptides, stimulating incredible phytohormone levels within the plants.

How to use:

  • Foliar Application: Dilute 5ml of Nitro-Gro into 1L of tap water and spray directly onto the plants leaves. (Repeat every 14 days)

  • Soil Drench: Dilute 20ml of Nitro-Gro into 1L of tap water and apply to the soil and base of the stem (Repeat every 30 days)

  • Seed Application: Dilute 20ml of Nitro-Gro into 1L of tap water and spray directly over seed before covering. (Apply mixture every three days until germination). Ensure that the environment around the seed is moist with Nitro-Gro.

Using K+ Booster:

  • Foliar Application: Dilute 5ml of K+ Booster into 1L of water and spray onto leaves. 
  • Soil Drench: Dilute 20ml of K+Booster to every 1L of water ad apply to soil and base of stem. 
Apply the K+ Booster during fruiting or flowering as you would Nitro-Gro. This prevents nitrogen from being used by the plant, which can often lead to stunted growth of fruits, or prevents flowering. 

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