Nitro-Gro 1 Litre Duo

Nitro-Gro 1 Litre Duo

Our signature Nitro-Gro organic fertilizer bio-stimulant is the finest liquid organic fertilizer on the market, and now you can get your hands on two 1-Litre bottles for a discounted price. Don’t miss out on this great offer! This is perfect for the home gardener or even the small-garden/indoor plant owner. Maybe keep one for yourself and give one to somebody else as a gift. It's the 21st century... of course you can gift fertilizer. 
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BioAge Nitro-Gro is an industry leading, state-of-the-art organic fertilizer and stimulant. As a powerful 6:3:3 NPK fertilizer, it provides all the nutrients your plants need to thrive. However, this is only half of the Nitro-Gro contribution. Nitro-Gro is the only lab-developed product that significantly ameliorates natural amino acids, peptides and polysaccharides to ensure that your plants bio-stimulatory mechanisms are operating at an optimum. This ensures the most beneficial morphological and physiological changes in your plants by reinforcing nutrient uptake and engineering improved photosynthesis. With multiple trace elements, as well as mycelianth inputs, this product is proven to dramatically enhance soil health and conditioning.

Nitro-Gro is a prefered organic fertilizer and stimulant for many South African farmers, and is recommended for vegetables, fruiting trees, covering plants, flowering plants, and indoor plants. Gardeners, subsistence farmers, hobby farmers, commercial farmers, horticulturalists, and hydroponic specialists can all benefit from the immense advances of BioAge Nitro-Gro. The 1 Litre white bottle of BioAge Nitro-Gro is 21cm in height, 12cm across.

  • Foliar Application: - dilute 5ml of Nitro-Gro to every 1 Litre of water - apply over plant until leaves are wet - apply this process twice a month

  • Soil Drench - dilute 20ml of Nitro-Gro with every 1 Litre of water - thoroughly apply around the roots of plant - repeat this process once every month

  • Seedlings - apply soil drench mix to seeds right after planting - apply foliar spray mix after seeds have germinated

    Augments nutrient uptake - Modulates nitrogen metabolism - Increases photosynthetic capacity - Improved growth, yield and quality of plant - Provides amino acids, important trace elements, mycelianth, peptides, polysaccharides and nutrients to the plant and soil.

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