K+ Booster 1 Litre

K+ Booster 1 Litre

BioAge’s unique K+ Booster is a bio-stimulant without the nitrogen. Make sure that your fruiting trees, flowering plants, fruiting crops and ornamentals are given the nutrients they need without encouraging further foliage growth. High in phosphorus and potassium, this is the 1 Litre bottle you need to make a difference in your garden.
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The K+ Booster is a 100% organic plant bio-stimulant developed on nano-particle technology. The K+ Booster constituents include natural plant growth hormones, anti-oxidants, vitamins, phenolic compounds and amino acids. When applied to the plant these compounds interacts with the plant on a molecular level to augment the physiological process of photosynthesis, acceleration of germination, resistance to thermal stress, nutrient uptake efficiency and final yield. This results in healthier plants with increased plant growth, root elongation, flowering-ratio and crop output of a higher nutritional value and quality. The K+ Booster maximizes the plants vegetative growth cycle to produce flowers/crops in a shorter growth periods. The K+ Booster comprises ingredients of natural origins, it is bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and suitable for grains, vegetables and fruiting trees. This propitious solution is proud South African product that is tailored to improve your agricultural journey.

K+ Booster is the perfect organic stimulant solution for the South African farmer. Our product is currently being used in a commercial setting across numerous farms in the Transvaal region, the Cape, as well as KwaZulu Natal with great success. K+ Booster is assisting farmers in reducing their synthetic inputs, improving general soil health, and greatly increasing product yields. It is also used by professional gardeners, indoor gardeners, florists, nurseries and wholesale nursery suppliers that need a bio-stimulant without increasing nitrogen in the soils. This prevents foliar growth, and allows the plant to concentrate on flower, vegetable and fruit production. 

Active Constituents: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sodium (Na), Iron (Fe), Amino Acids (L-Tryptophan), Phenolic Compounds, Flavonoids & Tanins.

How to use:

  • Foliar Application: Dilute 10ml of K+ Booster into 1L of tap water and spray directly onto the plants leaves. (Repeat 1-2 times a week)

  • Soil Drench: Dilute 50ml of K+ Booster into 1L of tap water and apply to the soil and base of the stem (Repeat every 2 weeks)

  • Seed Application: Dilute 20ml of K+ Booster into 1L of tap water and spray directly over seed before covering. (Apply mixture every three days until germination). Ensure that the environment around the seed is moist with K+ Booster.

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