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At BioAge, we are passionate about providing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for plant cultivation, propagation, fertility, and health. We have developed a 100% organic products for use in your home, garden or farm. Guaranteed results for indoor plants, flowering plants, ornamentals, vegetables, grain crops, grass, fruiting trees, ornamental trees, annuals and perennials.

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How To Apply A BioAge Product

Soil Drench

Soil drench is one of the best ways of achieving fast results with an organic fertilizer. Large volumes of fertilizer applied to the soil (NOT the plant, as this might burn the plant) conditions the soil and the microorganisms to provide a heavy dose of nutrients to the plant. 

  • Mix 20ml of Nitro-Gro or K+ Booster to a litre of water. 
  • This 1:50 dilution should only be applied to the soil around the base of the plants' stem and around the roots. 

Foliar Spray

While a foliar spray can sometimes be considered less effective in directly changing the humic makeup of the soil, a plant very effectively absorbs salts, amino acids, enzymes, proteins and anti-oxidants through its leaves. 

  • Apply 5ml-10ml of Nitro-Gro or K+ Booster to a litre of water. 
  • This 1:200-1:100 dilution should be sprayed onto the plants leaves, bracts, flowers, stems, fruit or vegetation. 
  • Apply 1:200 if you water once a week or 1:100 if once every two weeks. 


Seed germination is regarded as one of the most important stages of a plant's life. Effective germination and seedling health can impact the plant in its older age quite significantly. Make sure that you apply Nitro-Gro to all your seeds or seedlings. Alternatively, as a commercial farmer, use K+ Booster in conjunction with a nitrogen fertilizer. 

  • Apply a dilution of 1:100 Nitro-Gro or K+ Booster. This is 10ml to a litre of water. 
  • Water soils thoroughly with this mixture before planting seeds, or directly around seedlings after planting.

Application Rates

While we can provide you with more detailed application rates, the below-mentioned rates are considered normal application intervals. 

  • During summer/spring months, apply soil drench mixtures once every two weeks. Alternatively, foliar spray once a week. 
  • During winter/autumn months, soil drench once every three weeks. Alternatively, foliar spray every second week. 
  • Seedlings & Seeds: Soil drench 1:100 dilution once every two weeks, starting one week before planting.

Caring for
Your Plants

Caring For Your Plants

You now have a bottle of our famous Nitro-Gro at your disposal. But applying our product should be done carefully, ensuring that you provide the exact amount of nutrients that your plants require. Take a look at some of our application guides for more information. 

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